This is a dedicated space for those who have been kind enough to link their own websites to mine. Thank you for your love and support! 


London Crime is a website run by Jim Fletcher with the help of Nathan Rivers and myself.  We are a diverse group of individuals who met on Twitter. Together we bring varied knowledge, skills and ideas into one place with the intention of helping fellow authors, actors, film makers and tourism come together, with the theme of London Crime at the heart of our work. This is for promotion and support purposes. London Crime are not in this for the promote crime, in point of fact we advocate against it. We believe that crime has its place in history rather than on our streets, or within our homes, and that through education, lives can be improved for the future.

Founded by Jim Fletcher the site is growing quickly and is a collection of books and DVDs that are available through Amazon. It also contains advice on places to visit. A new feature for August 2023 are articles on prominent and influential people.

Affectionately known as "Team London Crime" (TLC) they promote the creativity of others for free. Please visit their website and take a good look around!