"Donna Siggers is a fantastic writer"
Sean Cronin

The WARWICK COOPER THRILLERS TRILOGY are a psychological crime thriller drama encompassing my knowledge of criminology, psychology, underworld gang crimes, metropolitan police corruption  and city life. Each of these books are intense, dark and descriptive and take you on a journey you wouldn't expect. Just as you believe you know the answers, you're mistaken as the plot twists and your theory is blown into oblivion. Will my characters win you over? Who will you side with? Who can you trust? 


Detective Sergeant Desmond Blandford isn't without his own trauma, yet he embarks on solving new cases when they arrive on his desk. Specialising in murder investigations and missing person cases, each new face drives him deeper into despair.  For personal reasons his team are overly protective of him. As this story unfolds those involved in the case discover how corrupt the department is, and don't know if they'll crawl out unscathed. This is a tale of loyalty, deceit and retribution.


Rose Conti leaves Sicily under harsh conditions, with revenge in her blood. Fleeing her only means of survival, as she embarks on what will become a colossal battle of wit and skill in order to survive her father and his men. Witness to much hate and destruction, Conti has been kept safe for twelve years; confined under the protection of a special woman close to her heart. Everyone one else around her perishes at the mere mention of her name.

This will be an explosive, international series for which there are already three manuscripts written and legal representation via a copyright lawyer.