London Crime is a website run by a diverse group of individuals who met on Twitter. Together we bring varied knowledge, skills and ideas into one place with the intention of helping fellow authors, actors, film makers and tourism with the theme of London Crime at the heart of their work. We don't promote crime, in point of fact we advocate against it for we believe that crime belongs in history and not on our streets or within our homes. Founded by Jim Fletcher the site is growing quickly and is a collection of books and DVDs  that are available on Amazon. Its also advice on places to visit and a great feature page on  London's prisons too.

Affectionately known as "Team London Crime" (TLC) we promote the creativity of others for free. Please visit our website and take a good look around! We also have a YouTube channel (it would be lovely if you popped along and pressed the big red button for us) where you can view some of the work we been involved in promoting anti-knife crime. The links for both sites are below.

London Crime's YouTube


Passionate about London themed books and film, Jim created his website to help promote what he'd read and watched. An engineer by day, the website became a hobby at first but Jim soon realised the potential and invited a small team to join him. Over the months our team has grown but Jim truly is our driving force. His enthusiasm for the success of others is outstanding and his dedication and time that he spends speaks volumes as to the type of person he is. 


Inviting TheBruvs onboard as our Ambassadors was certainly one of Jim's better ideas. You can follow their antics over on YouTube (just search for them and they will appear brandishing tools of the trade). They bring a certain... quality to the table. Doug and Den are old school bad boys attempting to be good, but it doesn't always go to plan. You can also see what they get up to on the London Crime site, just follow the link above! There are over forty cartoons available now and are written by one of our team members. How cool is that! 

LondonCrimeGRAPHICjpgOur team in its entirety. It is with great sadness I share that Michael Jenkins MBE (top right) has passed. Mick was a valued member of the London Crime team and will be be missed by us all. We pass our condolences to his family at this sad time.



The wheels of the "Naughty" Bus are rolling again. I'd like to wish Micky Goldtooth and all his team the best of luck as they come out the other side of lockdown. To book please visit: