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Back in November 2022 Donna and Dave popped up to Newcastle for a bit of filming. 'A New Breed of Criminal' is Donna's first on-screen appearance as an extra and Dave's first time having a small speaking part. They had a wonderful time on set, learning a great deal about the skill of film making along the way. The film has now premiered in London and been released. The photos show a mixture of on-set, social and premier photos.  Both Donna and David wish to thank everyone involved for such a fantastic experience!

You can watch 'A New Breed of Criminal' on all major streaming services.


This has been a long time coming but Donna has finally found a permanent writing space in Kent and she has to admit to it being rather cute! There's some history to it too. They share the same age for starters, making Donna 'vintage' so the least said on that matter the better! So welcome to what was part of Carter's Steam Fair and is now Donna's Writing Nook.

As you will see the Christmas decs are up and that's because the novel I'm writing is set in December and January, so I've the need to get my mind around that concept. 

Here to some happy writing time! 



Donna had a wonderful day at her book signing event on 1st October. Her good friend Lizzie Chantree  dropped in to say hello, which was wonderful. Donna was also able to give support to ladies who are/have experienced trauma. Due to customer privacy for AVICTUS Donna cannot share images of clients of AVICTUS but here are a few images of the day for you. As you can see my dad also came along for some support!



Donna is excited to announce that she has been invited to Avictus with her books on recovery. She is stepping up to make a difference with through sharing her experiences on trauma.



With thanks and gratitude to Terry Ellis, Donna has been put in touch with Nigel Fitzmaurice. Nigel has a show with Phoenix98FM called 'Stepping Out'. Moreover Terry thought it would be good for each of them to connect and he was right.  Follow Nigel to find out why. You can listen to his show Sundays between 6 and 8pm -- this one mentions Donna, her new book SOUL SEARCHING: To PTSD Hell and Back Twice and her upcoming interview on 3rd July in the studio at Phoenix98FM with Nigel. Donna would like to convey her thanks for the support she is getting for her book from Nigel and convey to everyone who is suffering with PTSD or CPTSD that they are not alone.


Flt Lt Hugh Prior


It was such an honour for Donna and Dave to have met Flt Lt Hugh Prior who flew in the first and last Operation Black Buck missions of the Falkland War. He presented at Southend Airport as part of the Anniversary celebrations of the Falkland War as part of the Vulcan bomber taxi run that took place. The Falklands was began on 19th March and ended 14th June 1982.
Lest We Forget.


CHARITY EVENT -  11th December

Donna and Dave have met up with Maureen in order to present books etc for her upcoming charity event for the NHS on 11th December. Please support this worthy cause--the last event raised £4000. Unfortunately, neither Dave or Donna are able to attend due to family commitments. We absolutely love what Maureen does for charity and try to support her where possible.


There will be lots of popular faces in attendance, with rapper MC FIVE O holding the auction. Gary Driscoll will sing too.



Donna's interview with FRANKLY SPEAKING with FRANK PORTINARI went incredibly well. You can listen to her interview right here

Donna wishes to convey her gratitude to Frank for the continuing support through given for her work through social media. She is looking forward to meeting Frank in person soon.

15th January 2023

Donna didn't ever envisage that she'd be in front of the camera, nor that she'd have a speaking part in a television series. Yet, last year she was invited onto set by her good friend, Steve Wraith, writer of A NEW BREED OF CRIMINAL as an extra. Donna is very much looking forward to the release of what she knows will be an incredible film, having spent two days on set. This experience taught her a lot. Donna's second filming experience was an opportunity that stemmed from the first, and provided her first speaking role. It gave her ample words to be saying but she's not giving any spoilers away. She can be spotted briefly on IMMORTIUM'S TicTok which might give a little clue as to her role (but you might just get that wrong).  This location was in Devon, and as usual, Donna and her partner Dave teamed up for these occasions. 




Donna's current reads are from Lizzie Chantree's "The Little Ice Cream Shop By The Sea" and "The Little Cup Cake Shop By The Sea" (a two book series) and S L Rose Warn's "The Rescue". 


It really is important for Donna to emerge herself into other author's worlds in order to escape both her own reality and that of her writing. Right now she is working on a very dark trilogy and a book on Epilepsy. As an epileptic herself, you might well imagine sharing her story and insight into this brain disease might take its toll.

Dec 4th 2021

After so many years of tweeting and supporting of writing it was finally time for Donna to meet the legend, Carlton Leech. What a wonderful event of chatting and Q&A hosted. It kicked of with Carlton on stage having his interview, with responses to his questions provoking laughter, sadness and all manner of emotions. Carlton is a humble man, and a family man but is, unfortunately, better known for the 'hard bastard' personality of his more youthful years. His books portray important social history. There is historic 'rumblings' between himself and another author who is trying to ban Carlton's latest book CARLTON: THE FINAL SAY that he and co author, Jason Allday have written. Donna is in full support of this book.


16th July 2022

And what an afternoon and evening Donna and her friends all had! Here are some photos of their catch up.

We are doing it again! Another Author and film makers "Naughty Bus" style gathering.


Only a few of us had already met before we embarked on the Naughty Bus. Organised through LondonCrime, we forged what we know will be life-long friendships. Ladies and gents from the writing and film industry getting together--it all began on Twitter many years ago, a supportive community that has grown.

 Dec 5th 2021


Donna remembers having her photo taken with The Gypsy King, seeing his father, John on stage (who Dave and Donna met up in Newcastle) but has no recollection of the rest of the evening until she could hear 800 people chanting "AJ is a pussey". She'd had a seizure and has just that and eating an orange as her memory of the night. 

(Seriously it is called ORIGINS)
1st September

Screenshot_20210902-182354_FacebookjpgDave has a part in this so it was one they most definitely couldn't miss. Off they went to the premier in London for Rise of The Footsoldier: Origins. These are films you have to say "ok these guys are out to have a laugh making them" rather than say they are historical or emotional despite the subject. 
Donna and Dave caught up up with friends they'd not seen in a long time and met a couple of each other’s friends for the first time too.



Donna and Dave love Newcastle and have some wonderful friends there. During their last trip it was actually for Dave's work, but there was time to meet up with two of their friends. Tony Sayers looked after them terribly well (he is pictured far right and beside Donna) Steve Wraith is an author, actor and podcaster (far left). He owns the boxing gloves Dave and Tony are wearing--they once belonged to the Kray twins. How cool is that photograph of Dave and Tony having a spa wearing such iconic gloves!


Saturday 30 October 


At Donna's age you'd think she'd be past train hopping to make it to a music gig in a place she'd never heard of, but no. Halloween weekend she joined some Twitter friends to support Levi Perry, her amazing and beautiful talented, singer, songwriter friend at a private gig laid on for family and selective friends. David P Perlmutter, Chris Donlan and Donna (all authors who met Levi through Twitter) were honoured to be invited. Donna is truly blessed to have Levi in her life. She is one of life's diamonds, always supporting in her life and her work. Donna is thankful for Levi letting her into her life and although they only physically met on 30th, it feels like they've known each other for many years. Levi has been featured on Donna blog with her music--Donna's favourite song is Warrior as it portrays the connection between the two women.

After a long break, the Soul2Ink blog is back. Who better to kick start it into action again than an interview with repeat visitor, Carlton Leach! Donna thanks Carlton for the opportunity, which arose through Jay of AngelEye. Donna has a series of interviews lined up so please watch this space for some insight into some great folk! 

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Donna is currently reading several books. There are, of course, the many research books she needs to delve into for her current writing.

Current reading stack-DonnaSiggersjpg

Donna is also reading an amazing autobiography before it goes to publish for a wonderful friend. This is a friend who has had quite a life and she is truly honoured to be reading this book right now. One minute a tear falls down her cheek and the next she giggles aloud.


20190316_201958jpg BROKEN WINS TOP GLOBAL AWARD!

2018 was a fantastic year for Donna and also for BROKEN! After entering a competition Donna became a top ten finalist and had to visit Columbus, Ohio USA where she delivered a series of speeches about her debut novel. Delighted that she won the "Thriller" category Donna now has global recognition in writing and publishing excellence.  She also attended the Igniting Souls Conference while there - not only has this experience changed her approach to her author life but to her personal one too. Donna may have Tweeted "From Lost Soul to Soul on Fire" a few times over this period. The conference and Award host, Kary Oberbrunner was on a mission to ignite 1M souls on fire and Donna was, at the time, writing her biography LOST SOUL!  Donna shares the link to Kary's site below for anyone interested his work. She placed her trust in him not ever having completed any of his paid courses and was treated like family.



For all of you who know Terry Ellis this is Donna and Dave standing with him outside the very building that is the subject of a multi-million pound robbery committed by him and a few others. Between Christmas and the New Year Donna, Dave, Terry and Anna met up for a cuppa and a chat that resulted in an afternoon of tours. What an afternoon it ended up to be! 


Watch this space for BIG NEWS from Dave and Donna. They will be announcing their new project soon! Its something different from Donna, you won't be expecting this!