"What a shining example you are to all victims of assault" Maureen  Flanagan-Cox

LOST SOUL: BROKEN SOUL TO SOUL ON FIRE is my autobiography that originated from my journal of recovery entitled ‘Finding Me’ written during my recovery from brain trauma. This is a powerful book of triumph over adversity designed to resonate with those who read it to feel empowered. SOUL SEARCHING: TO PTSD HELL AND BACK TWICE conveys how I’ve dealt with trauma and uses my lived experiences and scientific knowledge to give better understanding in lay terms to help others strive. This book has been described as listening to me give a TED talk. Through these two books I’ve been described as a humanitarian and someone who has turned adversity into an opportunity to help others. This is a self-help book for anyone who has experienced trauma personally or cares for someone who has. As well as PTSD it covers depression, anxiety and how the brain works in connection to many aspects of trauma and pain.

"An amazingly challenging book. Don't be fooled by its brevity, a powerful but measured account of trauma at its worst" Mark Flewitt

"To me, this book was like listening to the author give a TED talk, and I came away feeling more empowered as a person, and more knowledgeable about how the brain works" Jeannie Chambers

FREE SPIRIT: HOW TO BREAK BEYOND LIMITATIONS is a self-help guide in understanding anxiety and depression. This guide will enable you, through knowledge and understanding. how negative thinking holds you back, will give insight in how to change your perspective and provide ways  to begin improving your life. This book is intended to begin a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.