Due to the pandemic, Donna has removed her books from wider digital release and given exclusivity to Kindle in order than they are available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited. She urges everyone to stay at home wherever possible and thanks all those who are risking their lives as key workers. As the world unites to overcome in such terrifying times, Donna sends her best wishes to you all.

Welcome to the literary and speaking home of Donna Siggers!

Having given up a successful career in photography to fulfill one in criminology and psychology Donna took a role within mental health that would give her workplace experience. Three weeks before she was to qualify, she was brutally assaulted at work. This event shouldn't have happened but Donna is a firm believer that to dwell means not to heal.

The assault changed Donna's identity and ability. After a long battle with PTSD and other complexities (including nerve damage, seizures and memory loss) Donna regained control of her life: turning to writing has been her saviour but first she had to re-learn how to read and write. Broken, Donna's debut novel gave her global acclaim when it won an award but more importantly it gave validation that she'd had found her new calling. The trip to the USA that accompanied that has set in motion what has become a journey to help others through their own adversity. Donna's story has appeared in both national and local press, is featured on the Headway: The Brain Injury Association's website and she has appeared on BBC radio and podcasts all of which are available as links on her media page.

To date there are two books published in the Warwick Cooper Thrillers, Broken and Betrayal with the third, Bound due to be published early in 2020. Donna's recovery story, Lost Soul has also been published. Masks, her second poetry book was published in December 2019 but has since been withdrawn as Donna decided to offer the poems within this book for free - you are able to access them via her Poetry Corner (as she gradually adds them). The prose that was included within Masks will be re-purposed.

Free Spirit, Donna's mental health book has been published too, this is the book giving insight into how to break free from the adversity of trauma or distress from mental illness in order to live your life to its fullest. This book is a combination of her past studies, work and also a reflection on the techniques she has personally used during her own recovery from life-changing injuries that have enabled her to overcome disability. 

At Risk: The Colour Of Fear will be the most difficult project that Donna undertakes. It is a work of fiction but one that stems from personal experience.  Everyone has a backstory and Donna's led her into a job that had such a tragic result on her life, initially and temporary. Therefore, to lighten the mood she will also be writing something a little different to usual alongside it and will see how that goes before announcing if it will get published or not. 

Donna uses writing to retrieve her lost memory, turning it into poetry and prose or chilling crime thrillers. Its become the epicenter of Donna's working day and she considers herself unaccomplished if her mind hasn't created. Finding solace in the quietness that her job allows, Donna enjoys the connectivity with others that it provides which gives a perfect balance for the unique position that she finds herself in. You can listen to her story in the YouTube video "My story. My life. My aspirations" on this page which will give you some insight into why she has opted to work from home.



AT RISK: The Colour Of Fear

7th Feb 2020
The #AuthorsAtWestCliffHotel multi-author book signing event was a huge success. Thanks to Lizzie Chantree, our host (and to her team)  for all their her hard work and dedication to put this amazing event together. Special thanks to Micky and his family for their wonderful support - I do believe I was the only author to be signing books wearing a knuckle duster (and that's not an easy task)! Mark Flewitt, The Deputy Mayor of Southend-on-Sea (pictured holding LOST SOUL) gave an inspiring speech on literacy, culture and diversity and also gave so many  of us support.  Craig Hallums (in the selfie with myself) showcased a selection of his amazing artwork: he is an official Marvel artist. We had a lengthy chat about art, preferred mediums and I've even said I will watch a Marvel film as I'm always open for new experiences. Last and most importantly, a massive thank you to my dad, Colin. Dad not only drove me, he carried suitcases of books, stayed for the afternoon and evening than helped pack away and took me home again. THANK YOU!