Welcome to the literary and speaking home of Donna Siggers!

Most of what Donna does is writing based or involves books somehow - writing has become the epicenter of her working day. Even what she speaks about has been written about first, although not quite in the way she delivers it!

Finding solace in the quietness that her job allows most days, Donna enjoys the connectivity with others that it provides which gives a perfect balance for the unique position that she finds herself in: you can listen to her story in the YouTube video "My story. My life. My aspirations" on this page which will give you some insight into why she has opted to work from home.

An advocate for mental health, Donna is a public speaker and available for your event - she has incredible insight on how to strive in life while overcoming life-changing and disabling circumstances. Please see her page dedicated to keynote speaking for more information.  Sharing snippets of her recovery over social media have proven very popular so she has started to blog here on her website - Finding Me: Helping You gives much more detail about  the challenges she has faced and how she has managed to recover and will include interviews with third parties over time.

Writing crime novels became Donna’s therapy during a time of distress and is now her passion. You are able to find out why she chose to write about crime on her page Life and Crime. As much as Donna continues to enjoy this side of her business tremendously she has ventured into screenwriting and also mentoring other authors. 

Donna's personal writing projects include her third novel in the Warwick Cooper Thrillers, Bound; her second mental health book on recovery, Free Spirit: Breaking Beyond Limitations; a poetry anthology, Fire and Ice; and her screenplay, Raven.

Donna would like to thank you for visiting her website and for your interest in her work.


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This short video give a little insight into what happened to me and why I turned to writing.


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