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Having given up a successful career in photography to fulfil one in criminology Donna took a role within mental health that would give her workplace experience. Three weeks before she was to qualify, she was brutally assaulted at work. This event shouldn't have happened but Donna is a firm believer that to dwell means not to heal.

The assault changed Donna's identity and ability. After a long battle with PTSD and other complexities (including nerve damage, seizures and memory loss) Donna regained control of her life: turning to writing has been her saviour but first she had to re-learn how to read and write. Broken, Donna's debut novel gave her global acclaim when it won an award but more importantly it gave validation that she'd had found her new calling. The trip to the USA that accompanied that has set in motion what has become a journey to help others through their own adversity.

Donna's story has appeared in both national and local press, is featured on the Headway, The Brain Injury Association's website and she has appeared on BBC radio and podcasts all of which are available as links on her media page.

To date there are two books published in the Warwick Cooper Thrillers, Broken and Betrayal with the third, Bound due to be published in the New Year. Donna's recovery story, Lost Soul has also been published which forms the first part of a second series of books, the second of which, Masks has recently been released. Both are poetry and prose containing very personal insight into her life. Free Spirit, Donna's mental health book has been published too, this is the book giving insight into how to break free from the adversity of trauma or distress in order to live your life to its fullest.  At Risk: The Colour Of Fear will also be released in 2020. This book is a crime thriller based on true life events.

Donna writes to retrieve her lost memory and does one of two things with it: either turns it into poetry or creates chilling crime thrillers. 

Most of what Donna does is in fact writing based or involves books somehow - writing has become the epicenter of her working day. Even what she speaks about has been written about first, although not quite in the way she delivers it!

Finding solace in the quietness that her job allows most days, Donna enjoys the connectivity with others that it provides which gives a perfect balance for the unique position that she finds herself in: you can listen to her story in the YouTube video "My story. My life. My aspirations" on this page which will give you some insight into why she has opted to work from home.

An advocate for mental health, Donna is a public speaker and available for your event - she has incredible insight on how to strive in life while overcoming life-changing and disabling circumstances. Please see her page dedicated to keynote speaking for more information.  Sharing snippets of her recovery over social media has proven very popular so she has started to blog here on her website - Finding Me: Helping You gives much more detail about  the challenges she has faced and how she has managed to recover.

Writing crime novels became Donna’s therapy during a time of distress and is now her passion. You are able to find out why she chose to write about crime on her page Life and Crime. As much as Donna continues to enjoy this side of her business tremendously she has ventured into screenwriting and also mentoring other authors. 

Donna's personal writing projects include her third novel in the Warwick Cooper Thrillers, Bound; her third poetry book (yet to be named), a stand alone novel called At Risk and something quite different but very personal.

Donna would like to thank you for visiting her website and for your interest in her work.

This short video give a little insight into what happened to me and why I turned to writing.

7th Feb 2020
Multi-author book signing at Westcliff Hotel, Southend-on-Sea, Essex 7-9pm
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