Donna Siggers: Author / Speaker / Coach

Turning to writing after a serious head injury Donna is thrilled that her debut novel Broken won an Author Academy Award, gaining recognition that propelled her onto a global stage.  Speaking to an audience of four hundred people while in Columbus, Ohio about her book and her injury ignited a passion to share her story with the world.  Already qualified in the field of mental health and human behaviour Donna believes it's time to talk about her experiences in hope that it helps others.

Releasing LOST SOUL: Poetry From A Broken Mind And My Journey Of Recovery, her autobiographical and very personal account wasn't a decision taken lightly but it is the first step in setting into motion a series of books and videos she is branding Getting Your Life Back.   Donna is also available to speak at your event and has incredible insight on how to strive in life while fighting life-changing and disabling circumstances.

Donna has found balance and peace despite coping with PTSD, seizures and head pain that have resulted from an assault.  You can see more of Donna's story in the YouTube video My story. My life. My aspirations below.