Thank you for your interest in my writing, film work and for following my mental health advocacy.

Within my novels I encompass my knowledge of criminology and psychology. My characters are often corrupt with the intention of dragging others along with them. The story lines convey real life situations with dramatic consequences and race against the clock demands on life. Pushing boundaries of what might make you uncomfortable to read, rest assured it made me uncomfortable to write; but I never go beyond reality. My writing is dark, brutal, and often crawl, but there is a softer side, too.

Using my lived experiences, knowledge on a huge array of subjects, and my interest in true crime, I've created a trilogy of psychological crime thrillers that will set your nerves on edge. THE WARWICK COOPER THRILLERS TRILOGY will have you second guessing who you can trust, as well as sitting on the edge of your seat, wanting more. In point of fact, all my fiction contains plot twists that will keep you second guessing the action. My new novel FACES OF THE MISSING is out in paperback and on kindle.

As an advocate for mental health and, having survived trauma, I’ve written intensively about my own recovery on subjects close to my heart. Trauma is the reason I began writing. Surviving trauma meant rebuilding my life and there was no better way of doing so than plunging head first into the writing world and all it has to offer. Writing has allowed me to forge my way forward through adversity with determination.  Through my non-fiction writing, I help others to do the same. Combining my own experiences, with science, I show the way forward through psychological blocks that hold us back. My SOUL BOOKS as they are affectionately known have reached the hearts of many through book signings, personal mailings and public speaking events, creating a positive force through what was once a series of negative experiences for me. An advocate for mental health, I am proof that through forward thinking, perseverance and resilience it is possible to turn you life around. My life story is heart-wrenching and moving but more importantly, inspiring. I consider myself as one of the most motivated individuals you'll meet with boundless energy to help others.

Donna's crime novels will be right up your street!


FACES OF THE MISSING is now released in paperback and on kindle!

Rebecca Arnold is missing four days before she’s reported missing. The horrific story that unfolds brings to light far more than her disappearance. A series of linked murders, designed to uncover family secrets, reveal far more than DS Blandford could ever hope for. Loyalty, deception, abductions, and revenge sees those protecting themselves stoop to dangerous lows in order to protect themselves, and an organisation built on corruption.

The cost is high to those drawn in as DS Blandford, and his team, fight to solve the case and win against all odds. One by one they become the target of attention and victims of those they seek. In the end its down to who catches who first.


Donna's books on recovery might be the books to help you  strive.



There's a rather special copy of my book SOUL SEARCHING: To PTSD Hell and Back Twice in which I've been collecting signatures (this copy is the older version). Once this book is jam packed with names it will be going up for auction in aid of MIND. This is my charity of choice as they offer information and advice to those with mental health problems, as well the fact they lobby government and local authorities on their behalf. I believe in this charity and that their work carries forward important factors that allow the individual and also communities to move forward in mental health knowledge and healing.

There are many signatures already in this special book, including names from the world of film making, journalism and criminality.  I cannot wait to see how many people are willing to add their name to this fantastic project and help me raise money for this truly worthy cause. I thank all who have contributed already. 

Big love to you all x