Six times published and award winning author (with more books on the way) Donna is proof that through forward thinking, perseverance and resilience it is possible to turn your life around. Her life story is heart-wrenching and moving but also inspiring. Donna is one of the most motivational individuals you'll meet. Her energy is boundless.

Donna first started writing after brain trauma, when she was plunged into a frustrating life--a life that took her years to rebuild. Now living with the complexities of epilepsy and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a direct result of being assaulted, Donna has put her life and work experiences to good use within her writing.

Turning her adversities into a positive force has been a way forward, forged by her determination to strive in the face of adversity. The path she has travelled had been rocky at times, with pitfalls Donna would never have expected. The highs of that journey have, however made those lows worth the ride. 
Trauma has given Donna an inner strength she didn't know existed within her and she shares that strength through both her non-fiction and fiction books that have an uncanny link. For those that read Donna's novels and then go onto read what she calls her 'Soul' books, they gain a better understanding of where some of the storylines might emerge from within her fiction.
Everyone loves a FREEBIE and they are plentiful on this site. Donna has ensured that she has shared the first chapter for free from every book she has published (and you don't even have to sign up for her newsletter for that). 

There are also plenty of blog posts on her Soul2Ink Blog, where Donna shares insight into many subjects. More recently she has started interviewing interesting people in some incredibly insightful pieces. She urges you to pop along and take a read. Some of the links are available on this page for your convenience. 

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Donna's books on recovery might be the books to help you move forward and strive.


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