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This is what one of Donna's readers had to say about her debut novel, BROKEN...

"one of the creepiest stories about a serial killer I have ever read"

How absolutely cool is that! There are lots of other reader comments spread over the website, so please feel free to have a browse. There is also a lot of news being shared, some set out below and also on the News and Tweets page.


Despite writing being a healing process from severe injury, Donna has had immense fun during the process of producing her first trilogy. There are, of course, more than three books of hers published. As she embarks on her new psychological crime thriller trilogy, she's been reflecting on her writing journey--on relearning our wonderful language after memory loss and using the power of writing as a tool to submerge herself inside her lost mind to re-find her soul. Although this might seem a complex (and she assures you it is) process, its one that has proven both positive but also traumatic. Placing her thoughts, in their twisted story forms, into books has helped Donna heal. Creating complex characters from the people who contributed towards her life, in ways they'd never recognise themselves has been, in a way, her sweet revenge. For those of you who knew Donna back in her equine days and were shocked with her storytelling as a forty-something year old, and for everyone else who have enjoyed her work, she is upping her game for the next trilogy!  Donna's writing has matured, for she has healed. Her storytelling will be more revealing for her memory is much better than it was first time around. These words were shared directly by Donna on Instagram with the first four images. For the website two more have been added. They were taken in New York, Scotland, Kent and Essex. Four locations close to Donna's heart--four places her trilogy has taken her for varying events. What adventures will the next set of books be taking her on?

'SOUL SEARCHING: To Hell and Back Twice' is Donna's follow-on book to LOST SOUL: Broken Soul to Soul on Fire and is now at the editing stage. It touches on her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder journey as well as on the traumatic experience of losing her memory at a much deeper level than expressed in her first book on recovery. Choosing to share these personal insights has been healing for Donna but, more importantly, she has found that in doing so many others have benefitted. Speaking out has become easy as a result and Donna hopes that this next installment of her recovery holds as many advantages for her readers as the first.


Donna's new trilogy is also taking shape nicely.  'AT RISK' will form the second installment of THE BROMPTON THRILLERS. Donna plans to have all three books written before releasing the first as she has now returned to work. Each story will carry authenticity and will be loosely based on real events. All locations will, once again, be real but very much removed from the original locations (and personalities) Donna bases her both the characters and storylines upon. Of course, there's also the fictitious twist that must occur in order to disguise where truth meets imagination. Will you be able to tell?
The complex methods Donna uses to create her characters are worthy of a book in their own right. Perhaps, one day, she might reveal her secrets but for now all she is willing to reveal is that by the end of THE BROMPTON THRILLERS, you will be in no doubt as to why Donna became interested in criminology. These books will be everything and more than you have come to expect from her work.
Additionally, Donna has made the decision that any future book cover designs for herself, or any other author will only contain images she has photographed or artwork she has produced with the exception of images her partner, David has captured. Donna is a professional photographer and gave up a successful career and business to pursue one in mental health. Donna and David are often out with their cameras capturing images for their joint project that only select members of their family are aware of, so watch this space for a big announcement! 


Born in rural Essex, United Kingdom, Donna Siggers grew up surrounded by beautiful countryside and some very interesting characters. Add to that the stories she could share from her time around horses and stable yards she could seriously have chosen a completely different genre. Her life with horses gave Donna an advantage, as it taught her to fly and to fall, and that when the latter occurred there was no option other than to stand back up again. It was a good life lesson and one that she leans on regularly.

Having experienced a series of life events that exposed her to the harsh reality of survival, Donna set out to learn what it took to take back control of her life. Qualifying as a psychotherapist she gave up a successful photography career and was able to help many others strive. By 2013 Donna was working within an environment that changed her life in a way that shocked her entire family to the core: an assault at work resulted in a serious head trauma, personality changes and complexities that are detailed on her mental health page. Not many people understand the notion that because she experienced such extreme head trauma, she has become the person she is today: that her ability changed from scientist to creative and that she is thankful for who she has become–an award winning crime thriller author and mental health advocate. To date she has published The Warwick Cooper Thrillers Trilogy, comprising of 'Broken', 'Betrayal' and 'Bound' and also her first autobiographical recovery story 'Lost Soul: Broken Soul to Soul on Fire' that takes you through her journey of head trauma recovery.  Additional to these books, Donna has also published a self-help book 'Free Spirit'  that gives a basic guide on mental health and how to overcome the hurdles that might be holding you back. Proud to be a mental health advocate, Donna gives 'Free Spirit' to all guests as part of any public speaking booking (paid events only).

More recently Donna has been sharing her love of history through the blog on this website with her partner Dave, who is from Kent, as well as personal book reviews (from Donna only) as a way of promoting fellow authors.

"…that until you’ve almost lost it all, you don’t truly appreciate what you have in life…" are words Donna wrote early on in her survival from brain trauma and they still ring true to her to this day. Its not possible for her to speak openly about every aspect of her life, the sights she has witnessed or people that she has worked with--not only are some situations too harsh for most but there is also a confidentiality factor to take into consideration, but through her work as an author Donna has found a voice to share these experiences in a different manner and it certainly brings authenticity to her work.

For many years after the assault, the only memories Donna had were from physical records she held. These records are all negative, which was quite the burden for her to recall. Therapy intervened, and with the help of time and hard work Donna has been able to reclaim much of her memory, thankfully. The year she set out to reclaim her life (2018) was the year Donna's writing life also lifted. It saw her physical arrival in the USA, and a sudden stage presence. At the start of the year Donna had struggled to make a short bus journey in her local town and by the end of it she'd flown four thousand air miles to speak to four hundred people on stage and to win an award for her debut novel, after which her live audience was one million. When you are determined, it truly is amazing what you can achieve!
Donna claims that in spite of her brain trauma she is now a better version of herself and that's because of the opportunities she's created through her writing and the new people in her life. She is under no illusion, however, of how grueling the journey has been for her and her family to get to where she is and that acceptance has been the largest hurdle to overcome. All be it a double edge sword, Donna's head injury has been, in part, a blessing because of the people she now has surrounding her.

The photographs below are from Donna's younger years, when horses were her life.