"A new take on the Krays... highly enjoyable reference guide" Michael Nesbitt

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome my partner, David Last to my website. David is a well respected historian on the Kray era. Dave's research spans over a decade and includes an extensive collection of memorabilia. David has met and befriended many of the old time gangsters and villains who willingly share their stories with him, many of which he will take to his grave. His debut book THOSE WERE THE KRAYS was released on what would have been the Kray twins 90th birthday. Highlighting the highs and lows of the Kray’s life through locations and pictures, Dave shares his knowledge and, at times, evidence from his collection, of the places the Krays lived, frequented and were incarcerated. You will be taken on a fascinating footprint of the Kray journey through imagery that includes some unseen and rare photographs.  This book is to commemorate their lives—the good and the bad.

"A wonderful look at the changing face of London. An array of good quality pictures & a very interesting section on some very interesting Kray memorabellia"

"Fantastic book... if you are interested in all things Kray/gangland then this is a must have" Aaron Smith