"Learnt more from this book than any other books I have on the brothers. Cannot wait for the next books"

Stephen Mills


"Well researched and well written"
Mrs SR

Location is everything and when speaking of the Kray twins, and their family, there are renowned historic stomping grounds that usually get the attention. David Last’s book does, of course, cover these. As a historian of this era his knowledge runs far deeper. David’s first book highlights the highs and lows of the Kray’s life through locations and pictures. He shares his knowledge and, at times, evidence of the places the Krays lived, frequented and were incarcerated. You will be taken on a fascinating footprint of the Kray journey through imagery that includes some unseen and rare photographs.

"A wonderful look at the changing face of London... an array of good quality pictures [and] a very interesting section on some very interesting Kray memorabellia"


October 2023 would have been Ron and Reg’s 90th year. This book is to commemorate their lives—the good and the bad.

"Fantastic book... if you are interested in all things Kray/gangland then this is a must have"

Aaron Smith