Donna believes that someone willing to challenge existing thinking can promote new behaviour (and she has studied behaviour). After twenty years she is now prepared to speak of experiences that placed her in danger on a daily basis in order to help others in peril. Donna believes that her knowledge can help save lives.

So, why choose Donna to speak at your event? Through her personal struggle to strive through adversity she's amassed immense motivational knowledge and knowhow. Driven to discover why people change, Donna undertook studies and qualified as a psychotherapist in her thirties, after which she specialised in criminology and human behaviour. Her studies included brain function, sexual deviance and much else besides therapeutic work. 

Subjects that Donna can speak to you about include trauma recovery, domestic abuse, violence, knife crime, and metal health. A broad subject area, yes but all areas she has been touched by personally or has worked within.

From personal experience Donna knows that performance requires far more than sacrifice and maximum commitment. It takes courage, insight and grit to keep moving forward. She also realises that through her voice there is opportunity to elicit change and so she is stepping up to make a difference. And she will make a difference. 


Donna is available to speak upon arrangement.

To book please call Donna on 07555 315426 or message using the button below - no spam please.


ANDY HARRINGTON: Mindset. Message. Marketing

Donna had the privilege to meet and receive training from the UK's number one public speaker, Andy Harrington which has enabled her to perfect how she delivers her performance and has given her stage confidence.


Please take time to read this post on Donna's Soul2Ink Blog regarding England and Wales' NHS. It truly is horrific. 

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For National Stalking Week, a subject close to her heart, Donna contributed by sharing her thoughts on the subject via the Soul2Ink blog. The post is available on this site by selecting the following link Soul2Ink Blog