Free Spirit: How to Break Limitations


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Having experienced a series of life events exposing her to the harsh reality of survival, Donna set out to learn how to take back control of her life but in 2014 was working within an environment that changed her life in a way that shocked her entire family. An assault at work resulted in a serious head injury & personality change. Now an award winning author, poet, mental health advocate and proud member of London Crime, a promotional site for fellow crime genre creatives, Donna speaks out about her journey.Everyone has a right to thrive, including you. Free Spirit is how Donna was able to recover, using her extensive psychological and therapeutic knowledge and the tools she relearnt along the way after memory loss. Written specifically to help others controlled by their own limitations, this book is about setting attainable goals that will enable you to overcome complex mental health and life-limiting issues by providing understanding on how our thought processes control our well-being. Perhaps your limitations have been caused through the result of trauma, depression or other circumstances, Free Spirit can provide a way forward for anyone wanting to break free from the limitations holding them back and wishing to live the life they deserve.