Tony Turner

Introducing you to Tony Turner is our great pleasure. An amazing friend, Tony gives incredible support to a great deal of people. Running a Facebook group called Famous Gangsters and Villains From Around The World, that he started with Eileen Smith, he shares historic stories of utmost interest. Tony puts a lot of research into his posts, all of which are fascinating. Heading towards 16.5K members, this private group has strict rules and is well executed by Tony and his team of admins.


To join Famous Gangsters and Villains From Around The World, click this link


Charity is close to a lot of people’s hearts and Tony Turner is one of those big-hearted people who raise a lot of money for others. Noting that Facebook had become a good placed to raise money by selling items, Tony states that he “was a member of a few groups and saw they were selling books and gangland memorabilia”. Well connected, in both author and gangland circles, Tony thought he could do the same. Instead of keeping the money he donates it to charity. Stating it’s the same with boxing too, Tony says, “I knew dealers in boxing memorabilia so I would buy stuff off them and re-auction on the group. This money came out my own pocket, but it was a way for me to give back to people who needed it.”

The Ley Community is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center who help break the cycle of addiction and offending. Tony says, “most of the money I have raised has been for the residential drug and alcohol rehab centre called the Ley,” and you can see him pictured below, with Chris Lambrianou, handing over a cheque for some of that money.


Other fundraising campaigns have included money for St Michael’s Hospice, with a Charles Salvador lookalike (pictured left) and for the Change Your Life, Put Down Your Knife group (pictured right) who we featured right here on Soul2Ink on 22nd October.


Incredibly, to date, Tony has shared with us that he has “raised over £10,000 for charity” which is a figure to be hugely proud of!

 by Donna Siggers and David Last

(Feature main image by PS Express