The Price of Kindness

During my trip to USA back in twenty-eighteen there was an online raffle going on here in the UK. This was on Twitter. Not many of you will remember who won the book I was busy speaking about. Why would you, I didn’t know him either. We did have a couple of mutual friends over on Twitter but that was it. If you knew me back in twenty-eighteen and were behind me voting and cheering me on you will of course know that book would have been BROKEN. He didn’t even keep it.

Unbeknown to me there was a price I’d pay for the kindness of giving. A price I still pay today. 

That doesn’t change me—I still keep giving.

The man who won my book while I was away in America received his congratulations from me, for I was bought up to have good manners. I took time out of my busy schedule while away to do this. As an author he sought some help with a letter or two from me also. That was no issue as I was happy to help.

Resulting from all this I ended up blocking over thirty social media accounts in his name on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. When that didn’t work, he joined LinkedIn. He pretended to die then came back to life via e-mail a few times.  Not sure what he thought that would achieve... the bloke has had more lives than a cat! 


Again, I’m not sure what the family (or he) wants but as a behaviourist I have this underlying feeling that it will end in blackmail. He/they now email pretending to be/or is the son. So here it is out here in the open, what he put me though on social media. Sometimes openly “trolling” me that I deleted before blocking him.

Father or son (or indeed his wife). They must be proud...and folk wonder why I keep my children private.

I don’t stand for this. Nobody gets to pull me down again.

So here is "that book" detailing my trauma. Moreover its the book that can help others overcome theirs. For me that's far bigger.


by Donna Siggers