Meet the hub of my London Crime Family. Affectionately known as "TLC" (Team London Crime). We are a diverse group of individuals who met on Twitter. Together we bring  varied knowledge, skills and ideas into one place with the intention of helping fellow authors, actors, film makers and tourism with the theme of London Crime at the heart of their work. We don't promote crime, in point of fact we advocate against it for we believe that crime belongs in history and not on our streets or within our homes.  Founded by Jim Fletcher the site is growing quickly and offers books (both fiction and non-fiction), DVDs and a guide to places to visit. There is a great feature page on London's prisons too.  Starting top left in the image we have:

Brad Wall: Brad is a cinematic actor, screen writer and award nominated director. He is the founder of Crime Genre Films and Brit Noir Films with his wife Tanya Louise Wall.  Together they are working on their film, Tilbury Rise which is in production mode. Brad is also a talented poet and artist - his anthology  Forty One is a moving insight into a great man.
Toby Sauerback: Toby was an actor and model as a youngster who is now regaining momentum as an actor again. He is represented by Dee Boss Talent and in recent months has been involved in some incredible filming projects, including overseas. 
Jim Fletcher: Jim, an engineer  is the creator of the London Crime website and our driving force. His passion for the site and enthusiasm for the success of others is outstanding. Jim is currently working on his debut novel - needless to say its London-crime based.
Micky GoldTooth: Micky operates The "Naughty Bus". Hosting tours around London's East End he and historian guest speaker, Ian McKenzie share stories of gangland times including some fascinating insight into the Krays, a stop-off at The Blind Beggar and a whole lot of East End banter. A backbone of steel with a heart of gold.
Donna Siggers: There's enough info on this site about me.
David Breakspear: David is a reformed prisoner now studying criminology and psychology at university. An advocate for change within the reform system he is stepping up and speaking out about his experiences to help others.
Lewis Hastings: Lewis, tucked away in disguise down in the bottom right hand corner is a man of mystery - you can just about make out his shirt and tie. An incredible author he immerses you into the depths of his scenes to the point you believe every word written. They are words from the heart for they are words of experience he's based on truth.
Lewis Hastings's author page