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BOUND will be released in the New Year (2020) and will conclude the Ashbeck case.

BROKEN and BETRAYAL continue to be a part of and Donna would like to thank Jim Fletcher for all the wonderful work and support that he gives her both professionally and personally. 

BETRAYAL supports the LondonCrime logo on the back cover alongside her own and Donna is delighted to have been the first author to have advertised the site on her books and urges everyone to visit the site for London-based crime thrillers, non-fiction books and film and other gift ideas. Jim has very kindly added LOST SOUL to his site too "because he can" despite it having nothing to do with London crime.


2019 is already proving to be a great year for BROKEN - (USA) have handpicked BROKEN to have on their website for twelve months. This means free promotion on Twitter every other day and on Facebook also. There might also be more news to share in the future so watch this space! Steve has also inducted Donna into his Hall of Fabulous Authors - you can see the link to his site below and also on the Friends of DS page.

20190620_150336jpgAs well as being added to the Indie  Wall of Fame, Donna has also had the honour of being added to the Indie Poets Wall of Fame 



2018 was a fantastic year for BROKEN! Donna visited Columbus, Ohio USA after being selected as one of the top ten nominations in the Author Academy Awards in the Thriller category and was delighted to come home having won. She also attended the Igniting Souls Conference while there - not only has this experience changed her approach to her author life but to her personal life too. She urges authors to take a few minutes to check out:

MASKS has now been released. This book consists of poetry and prose and follows on from Lost Soul.

LOSTSOULjpgLOST SOUL: Poetry From A Broken Mind And My Journey Of Recovery 
Donna is delighted to be able to share that this long thought about book has now been published.  It wasn't an easy decision to have made for her but she hopes that by sharing her reality it will help others.   Writing and publishing this very personal side of her life has been a journey in itself and Donna would like to thank everyone who has supported her - and give special thanks to Sheena Cundy, Lewis Hastings, Jim Fletcher, David P Perlmutter, Mark Sippings, Wayne Clark and Nicole Glozier for helping her make this decision. 


14th December 2010 saw authors, actors and film makers meeting up on the "Naughty Bus". This was the second Gangster Tour that the London Crime team had arranged.  Not only were we treated to the usual tour commentary given by historian, Ian McKenzie and tour operator and fellow London Crime team member, Micky Goldtooth but after stopping at The Blind Beggar we held a raffle, the proceeds of which were handed out to the homeless. 

A huge thank you to Jim Fletcher, owner of the London Crime site, to Micky Goldtooth and his family, Ian and Eric and also to everyone who turned up and made the night so special. There were some familiar faces as well as new friendships made. Personally, I cannot wait until the next group tour (although I always sneak in a quieter one between times).

To book a tour please visit

A press release has been sent across the USA regarding the Indie Authors Wall of Fame. Amazing support from and WholeWorldNews.

20190523_153805jpgAmazing support from USA with a press release going across America for authors on the Indie Authors Wall of Fame. Thank you to Steve Caresser of ePrintedBooks for all your support.