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At Risk is has been born from true experiences but is a fiction novel. Each of the events shared within the book will be fictitious as will the characters. 
Sofia, the main character will take you on a journey that will not be comfortable. She will be highlighting two serious issues that, unfortunately are close to Donna's heart for varying reasons. Until now Donna has quietly campaigned for the victims of both situations, but through her book hopes to highlight the effects - both physically and psychologically - those at risk are left facing. 



My association with London Crime begun with Jim Fletcher asking if he could include Broken on his website. From there Donna and Jim became friends and she is now a proud member of the team! 

BROKEN and BETRAYAL continue to be a part of and Donna would like to thank Jim Fletcher for all the wonderful support that he gives her both professionally and personally. 

BETRAYAL supports the LondonCrime logo on the back cover alongside her own and Donna is delighted to have been the first author to have advertised the site on her books. She urges everyone to visit the site for London-based crime thrillers, non-fiction books and DVDs in support of her writing and film colleagues. Jim has very kindly added LOST SOUL to his site too "because he can" despite it having nothing to do with London crime.



2018 was a fantastic year for Donna and also for BROKEN! After entering a competition Donna became a top ten finalist and had to visit Columbus, Ohio USA where she delivered a series of speeches about her debut novel. Delighted that she won the "Thriller" category Donna now has global recognition in writing and publishing excellence.  She also attended the Igniting Souls Conference while there - not only has this experience changed her approach to her author life but to her personal one too. Donna may have Tweeted "From Lost Soul to Soul on Fire" a few times over this period. The conference and Award host, Kary Oberbrunner was on a mission to ignite 1M souls on fire and Donna was, at the time, writing her biography LOST SOUL!  Donna shares the link to Kary's site below for anyone interested his work. She placed her trust in him not ever having completed any of his paid courses and was treated like family.

PodcasLOGOjpgDonna is launching her Soul2ink podcast very soon. Over the past few days she has been busy writing episodes that will bring value to potential writers and those already committing to their art. Writing is a passion that drives Donna and one that has allowed her to overcome so much and because of that she wants to reach out and help others put their souls into books.

LOSTSOULjpgLOST SOUL: Poetry From A Broken Mind And My Journey Of Recovery 

Donna is delighted to be able to share that this long thought about book has now been published.  It wasn't an easy decision to have made for her but she hopes that by sharing her reality it will help others.   Writing and publishing this very personal side of her life has been a journey in itself and Donna would like to thank everyone who has supported her - and give special thanks to Sheena Cundy, Lewis Hastings, Jim Fletcher, David P Perlmutter, Mark Sippings, Wayne Clark and Nicole Glozier for helping her make this decision.