The WARWICK COOPER THRILLERS are a psychological crime thriller drama encompassing Donna's knowledge of criminology, psychology and the underworld gang crimes of city life.
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"This book is intense, disturbing and brilliant" 

About Broken: "Loved it. Already read the second in the series. You really get to know each character and live their life with them. What a book best I've read in a long time. Brilliant Donna."

"Donna Siggers is a fantastic writer" - Sean Cronin


BROKEN is the first in a trilogy of psychological crime thrillers featuring Katie-Ann Warwick and Sam Cooper. Joining this dynamic duo as their relationship heats up they have good reason to work together once again, after a few years apart. Drawing on Sam’s undercover experience they attempt to trace a kidnapped woman—Kate’s friend and old colleague—who they believe is at the mercy of Carl Ashbeck. Ashbeck has escaped prison and is causing havoc as he seeks revenge on those who locked him away.
Katie-Ann is very much within his sights and on his agenda.

Will Sam and Kate get the break they need or will the corruption within London’s Metropolitan police they face at every turn challenge them to the core? Can Kate forgive Sam’s past when it casts a shadow over the investigation?

"A crime serial for those with strong nerves."

"Keeps you on the edge of your seat."

"WOW: Riveting read from, start to finish. You can feel the characters emotions and live every moment with them. Can't wait to find out what happens in the next book. Talk about wanting more... Donna Siggers has me submerged into the life of Warwick"


BETRAYAL is the second book in the Warwick Cooper Thrillers trilogy. Katie-Ann Warwick and Sam Cooper are still in pursuit of escaped prisoner, Carl Ashbeck who has gained support from a prominent individual from their own team to fulfil his goal.

Uncovering further conspiracies our duo have their emotional boundaries and their physical strength tested. Kate receives a phone call that places her family in the heart of the investigation, leaving her to contemplate who knows the truth about her past when she doesn’t.

Sam and Kate are placed in peril at different times. One man appears to help Kate in her time of need but can he be trusted? Just who is he and what does he want with her? Can Sam and Kate’s relationship survive the ordeal they are forced to face when tension peaks?

"This is a well written gritty crime story set in Britain. Some disturbing violent scenes. Worth a read if you enjoy British crime thrillers, will not disappoint."

"Dark, descriptive, clever and captivating."

" Donna has a great way of drawing you in to the minds of the characters


BOUND is the third book in the Warwick Cooper trilogy. We join the team as Sam Cooper fights for his life, leaving Kate-Ann Warwick and the man who came to her rescue, Liam Prittle no choice but to team up in order to continue the mission of fighting the challenges of corruption and deception surrounding the RAVEN case.

Murder victims continue appearing, but the rules have changed since Ashbeck's death and the arrest of Kerry Preston. Two significant finds allow a breakthrough in the case, but they raise the stakes. Kate receives a letter but what she finds handwritten reduces her to tears.

Time will tell who survives and who escapes the grips of what this case has been about since before it was opened, and just how long the government have been risking national security.

"It was a non-stop rollercoaster of emotions, betrayals and twists. It is thriller writing at its very best but not for the faint-hearted."