Donna believes that someone willing to challenge existing thinking can promote new behaviour (and she has studied behaviour).

Through her competitiveness during her sporting and adventure years and throughout her working life Donna has amassed immense motivational knowledge. Coupled with her personal strive through adversity when she met with disability resulting from an assault, her whole life was placed in perspective. This wasn't the first trauma but it was the one that turned her life around.

From personal experience Donna knows that performance requires far more than sacrifice and maximum commitment. It takes courage, insight and grit to keep moving forward. She also realises that through her voice there is opportunity to elicit change and is stepping up to make a difference. And she will make a difference. 

Donna is available to speak upon arrangement.

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Donna's stage presence began in the States in front of impressive audiences. She'd not spoken in front of others since her teens. Plunging in at the deep end  to speak to one-hundred and forty people, including judges, about her debut novel Donna took to the stage and blew them away. Her  second speech, the same day, was  in front of four hundred (which was also live-streamed to over one-million more) where she talked about her injury, the reason why she writes and to accept the award for her book, BROKEN. Giving an emotional performance that touched the hearts of the audience sparked the beginning of a new journey into becoming an mental health advocate. 

Donna addressed this larger audience a third time, giving her winning speech that was beamed around the world.

Experiences such as this award ceremony and conference gave opportunities to share the stage with  high-profile names and it was a great honour for Donna to  share the stage with:  Kary Oberbrunner (Author, Coach, Speaker); David Branderhorst (Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker); Jeff Brown (Award-winning Broadcast Industry Veteran & Podcaster, Speaker); Dan Miller (NY Times-Bestselling Author & Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker); Rachel Pedersen (Award-Winning Social Media Strategist, Speaker);  Brad Burke (YouTube Business Consultant, Speaker);  Dexter Godfrey (America's Fearless Success Speaker) and Joel Kessel (Strategic Advisor, Executive Coach, Emcee) over the course of three days. 


ANDY HARRINGTON: Mindset. Message. Marketing

Donna had the privilege to meet and receive training from the UK's number one public speaker, Andy Harrington which has enabled her to perfect how she delivers her performance and has given her stage confidence.