Brain trauma left Donna facing adversities she wasn't prepared for, nor ready to overcome. It led her upon a rocky journey of discovery along which she claims to have discovered her true self. There have been mountains to climb and deep crevasses to slip into as she fought through the darkness. The assault that left her facing so much devastation was the beginning of her new life--it was her awakening.

First however, there was enormous amounts of acceptance and forgiveness to deal with (and that included herself) before Donna's new life could commence. Healing from the inside has been a long, drawn out process for Donna has endured years of trauma.

Mental health is, then, a subject close to Donna's heart and she is often speaking about the subject on her social media. Donna not only survived the brutal assault back in April 2014 at the forensic mental health unit she worked, but was also raped in 2003 and is a survivor of domestic abuse and stalking. These are traumas that have given her an inner strength and positive attitude to life. As a result of head trauma and in spite of the battles she faces as a consequence of it, she believes she's emerged the other side a better version of herself and she has done so through writing.

Without doubt Donna's life needed a shake-up as  facing death both devastated and almost destroyed her. Daring to put pen to paper has given her the confidence to strive despite the complex struggles with her health that needed attention.

Six times published and award winning author (with more books on the way) Donna is proof that through forward thinking, perseverance and determination it is possible to turn your life around. Her life story is heart-wrenching and moving but also inspiring. Donna is one of the most motivational individuals you'll meet. Her energy is boundless.

Donna first started writing in order to help retrieve her memory. A process that still helps to this day. The assault meant that both long and short term memory became impaired, causing all kinds of complications for every day living. Donna was plunged into a frustrating life, one in which she couldn't name every day items such as a pen, knife, fork or spoon (for example). It took her years to rebuild her skills and to trust those around her. Before coming home from hospital she'd learnt the names of her four children, something one of the nurses there thought might be a nice gesture. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder soon took over her life and it wasn't long before Donna embarked on her first therapy sessions. Within weeks she was diagnosed with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was the assault that triggered her symptoms but it is due to the nine years of trauma that she couldn't envisage and end to that the 'complex' aspect of the disorder has been diagnosed.

Donna, as well as CPTSD, suffers from anxiety and depression if her life isn't in order and it takes and incredible balancing act for her to remain balanced as you will read below.

Since the brain trauma Donna has become overly sensitive to varying stimuli. Her brain is uncapable of filtering information so, for example, if in a crowd of people Donna will hear every voice rather that the one person she is trying to listen to. As you might imagine this becomes somewhat overwhelming as the noise that most people would block out doesn't get blocked by Donna. Resulting from this causes eventual deafness due to stress. Additional to this, Donna has misplaced bones in her inner ear from the impact of the punches she received to her head. She has learnt to overcome this through a special technique enabling her to live her best life and to continue with her endeavours.

Unfortunately, Donna also experiences seizures as a direct result of brain trauma. Thankfully they are under control through various medications unless she falls ill with fever or is exposed to certain lighting.

Multitasking is a huge issue for Donna, only being able to complete one task at a time. She is good at masking this efficiently having learnt over the years to time manage every aspect of her life proficiently using routine.

Donna's poem entitled