Lewis Hastings had me gripped from the beginning of SEVENTH with his descriptive style of writing that enabled me to embed myself into every scene as if I was right beside the action with his characters every step of the way.  There are some harrowing scenes from this author who does not hold back even slightly: some of his scenes convey the acts of evil people and he has a way of getting under your skin with his words. Every crime thriller needs twists and you are treated to plenty when they are least anticipated. Expect adrenaline surges, plenty of testosterone, comradery, deceit, empathy and extreme hate in this intense journey that is full of tension, suspense, action, drama and intrigue. A police procedural packed full of detail with plenty of lighter moments because Lewis has a wicked sense of humour that will have you smiling between the darker moments (or in my case laughing out loud in public). Jack Cade (the main character) has you under no illusions as to who or what he likes, is a trained survivor and someone you would want in your corner in a real situation – his passion for his work shines through dialogue and text conveying body language. A very clever novel!