Donna is so proud of these two books. To have shared her heart and soul in this way, in order to make a difference to others now means that she can begin her ground breaking work to implement change. She is sure this will be a long, drawn out, slow process however. Any news on her progress will be shared through this site as it occurs and Donna encourages you to watch this space and especially her Instagram account for updates.

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"Most amazing female writer I've ever had the pleasure to know and to read" - Levi Perry

Swallowed by the lasting effects of brain trauma that an assault at work left her facing, Donna Siggers lost all sense of purpose. Challenges included memory loss, constant pain, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and seizures. Relearning who the important people in her life were, and with their support, Donna has fought diligently to regain quality of life despite it being vastly different from before. Unable to look at her own reflection and initially unaccepting of forced change, this candid account of triumph over adversity will give hope to others facing similar difficulties. Now an award-winning crime fiction author and a mental health advocate, Donna strives in spite of her experience and hopes by sharing her story it will inspire others.

"An amazingly challenging book. Don't be fooled by its brevity, a powerful but measured account of trauma at its worst" - Mark Flewitt

SOUL SEARCHING: To Hell and Back Twice will be published on the eighth anniversary of Donna's survival of the brutal attack that left her disabled. She believes this apt given her PTSD was triggered by the assault that left her brain injured so drastically.

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Trapped within what Donna describes as a cycle of doom, it took a life-threatening situation resulting in brain trauma that she survived, for her to step beyond the grips of what held her encapsulated within it. Soul Searching is her PTSD journey in which Donna discusses trauma frankly. Ultimately the prose conveys how, through inner determination, Donna has turned her greatest fears into courage to own her story in order to live her best life.

Scientifically aware, she shares how the chemicals our bodies naturally release interfere with recovery and mental health—in understanding this aspect of yourself Donna hopes it can forge a way forward for you too.

Donna has recently been interviewed by Nigel Fitzmaurice (3rd July 2022) on his Stepping Out Radio Show on Phoenix98FM. She arrived at the studio in Brentwood with partner Dave, who also joined her for a short time. Donna and Nigel chatted PTSD and crime fiction. They also discovered how many mutual friends they share. Nigel also has a diagnosis of PTSD making this show particularly special for him. Please catch up if you didn't tune in RIGHT HERE


Taking SOUL SEARCHING direct to where it will be making a difference--Donna was invited to AVICTUS TRAINING in Southend-on-Sea where she met and chatted to some of their clients about surviving trauma. AVICTUS provide self-defence classes and the confidence to use the techniques when in compromising positions.

"I loved the easy to read feel, and felt every word and poem. For anyone that can relate in any way, will find this book inspiring, uplifting, and sometimes sad. Was fascinating, and I think brave for the author to share such a traumatic and life changing story"

“This gives a very honest and direct approach to Donna's life changing head injury and her tough road to recovery. Parts of this are shocking, saddening, and parts made me smile. A book with a very positive and strong message."

"I admire her bravery and her candour writing this book. I especially appreciated and enjoyed reading the prose sections in-between the poetry.” - 

"It's really heart touching"

"This is a candid account of a personal struggle that is highly relatable. Donna is not afraid to confront her demons in a forthright manner. I was also impressed by the way she fought so diligently to regain a sense of identity and purpose after her brain injury, a fact that, no doubt, will inspire many of her readers" - Matt Nagin

Here is the link for Donna's interview on

Frankly Speaking with Frank Portinari 


Find out what Donna has to say about brain injury, the cause of hers when things go terribly and unnecessarily wrong at work. Donna goes beyond the words in her book, finally bringing the truth to the surface in her interview with Frank. during the chat on his show, Frankly Speaking. Don't forget to subscribe for free. Frank has weekly inspiring guests on his show!

"Just watched this, had me in tears again reliving it, you strong lass"  Emma Miller

"Such a brave and inspiring lady. Donna I've read the book, but hearing you speak about what happened so candidly truly moved me. I am blessed and honoured to have such a courageous and beautiful friend... and yes I did shed a few tears"  Stephen Rhoades Sheridan Thomas

What a shining example you are to all victims of assault. People think when your outward scars go so do the inside ones but that's not true. You suffered with dreadful trauma and pain but came through with determination to write your wonderful books. What a help you are to other victims of assault and abuse. Thank you Donna. God Bless you--Maureen Flanagan Cox

Donna, you are a brave soul with a heart of gold--Rayner Tapia

Courageous gal, still fighting and achieving greatness. Continue your fight Donna. You're a brave warrior--Martin Sharp