LOST SOUL is available for free on Kindle unlimited, Kindle and as a paperback. 

SOUL SEARCHING, the sequel to LOST SOUL, is now undergoing critical evaluation before the final edit and will be available soon.


"Most amazing female writer I've ever had the pleasure to know and to read" - Levi Perry

Swallowed by the lasting effects of brain trauma that an assault at work left her facing, Donna Siggers lost all sense of purpose. Challenges included memory loss, constant pain, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and seizures. Relearning who the important people in her life were, and with their support, Donna has fought diligently to regain quality of life despite it being vastly different from before. Unable to look at her own reflection and initially unaccepting of forced change, this candid account of triumph over adversity will give hope to others facing similar difficulties. Now an award-winning crime fiction author and a mental health advocate, Donna strives in spite of her experience and hopes by sharing her story it will inspire others.

"An amazingly challenging book. Don't be fooled by its brevity, a powerful but measured account of trauma at its worst" - Mark Flewitt

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"I loved the easy to read feel, and felt every word and poem. For anyone that can relate in any way, will find this book inspiring, uplifting, and sometimes sad. Was fascinating, and I think brave for the author to share such a traumatic and life changing story"

“This gives a very honest and direct approach to Donna's life changing head injury and her tough road to recovery. Parts of this are shocking, saddening, and parts made me smile. A book with a very positive and strong message."

"I admire her bravery and her candour writing this book. I especially appreciated and enjoyed reading the prose sections in-between the poetry.” - 

"It's really heart touching"

"This is a candid account of a personal struggle that is highly relatable. Donna is not afraid to confront her demons in a forthright manner. I was also impressed by the way she fought so diligently to regain a sense of identity and purpose after her brain injury, a fact that, no doubt, will inspire many of her readers" - Matt Nagin