An avid supporter of British Independent Film, Donna thought it about time she got in front of the camera as well as being involved in actively promoting films online. So far there are two projects she's been involved in and that has, of course, been with her partner, Dave.


Donna has known the writer of A NEW BREED OF CRIMINAL, Steve Wraith, for a few years now. Not as long as her other half has, mind! They both pop up to Newcastle for varying reasons and, to be frank, don't need much of an excuse! They also know the Sayers and this film is inspired by Stephen Sayers rise from the back streets of Newcastle's West End to the top of the criminal ladder. Of course, it has to be about the authorities attempting to bring him crashing down too. Richard John Taylor directs this incredible film. To follow on social media, the links are: Facebook / Twitter

How exciting then, that they were able to get involved in this film. How honoured are they! This was Dave's first speaking role and Donna's first ever film role. They cannot thank Steve enough for this fantastic opportunity. Richard John Taylor directs this incredible film. 



Donna and Dave love these images by photographer Mike Alsford, who has worked on some fantastic film and television productions. They particularly love the one with Jason Collins sweeping down the stairs behind them. Jason's character is called La Croix. As you might guess from the backdrop the setting for the day was in a museum. For more information on what the show might be about you can follow "immortium" on TicTok to view some fun videos,  or follow them on Facebook 

Both Donna and Dave would like to extend their heartfelt thanks, firstly to Ryan Noire for his time, conversations and his passion for what he does. This led to introductions and opportunity. Secondly to Luke King Abbott for his creativity, belief, determination and knowledge. (To be fair each have all these qualities). Through these two men an incredible trust was formed.
This is a series to be looking out for and one both Donna and Dave are incredibly proud to be a part of!