Born in rural Essex, United Kingdom Donna Siggers grew up surrounded by beautiful countryside and some very interesting characters. Add to that the stories she could share from her time around horses and stable yards she could seriously have chosen a completely different genre. A life with horses gave Donna an advantage as it taught her to fly and that when you fell you had to stand back up again. It was a good life lesson and one that she leans on regularly.

Having experienced a series of life events that exposed her to the harsh reality of survival, Donna set out to learn what it took to take back control of her life. Qualifying as a psychotherapist she was able to help many others do the same and by 2013 was working within an environment that changed her life in a way that shocked her entire family to the core: an assault at work resulted in a serious head injury, personality changes and complexities that are detailed on her mental health page. Not many people understand the notion that because she experienced such extreme head trauma, she has become the person she is today: that her ability changed from scientist to creative and that she is thankful for who she has become.

Donna can't just speak outright about the situations or people that she has helped or the sights that she's witnessed through her work. Not only are they too harsh for most people to comprehend but there's the confidentiality factor to take into consideration. For many years after her brain trauma a lot of the negative experiences, both in her private and working life, were all she had to fall back on because she had lost her memory: there are physical records detailing certain events and through these documents Donna's memory became quite a burden. Writing then, became Donna's way to cope. The characters that make up The Warwick Cooper Thrillers and some of the smaller events that contribute to the story lines are based on real life events but she didn't realise at the time of writing--somehow the process was allowing Donna to reach inside her subconscious and twist the storyline into fiction. It wasn't until her therapy sessions she was able to unpick the reality from the fiction, untwist the facts from her own life and place these scenarios into perspective that she realised just how accurate her writing had been. Luckily, and thankfully, none of the characters were recognisable! 

Donna's crime writing has been described as "one of the creepiest stories about a serial killer I have ever read" and are are available on Amazon. If you are in the UK, you are able to reach them via the images within the site, or you are able to search her name directly on Amazon from any country.


Claiming she’s become a better version of herself Donna believes that because of the opportunities she's created through her writing and the new people in her life, that (now she's come to terms with it) her head injury was, in part a blessing. That said, not every aspect is easy to live with! 

Donna is mum to four amazing children and also to her son-in-law (who's actually been a part of her family since 2011) and grandmother to an amazing little lady. The older four are grown up and at work or university and her youngest is at college studying A-levels.  As a single parent for most of their lives they've certainly kept her on her toes over the years. They provide Donna with such joy, inspiration, motivation and support and she couldn't be prouder of everything they have become and are working towards.
In more recent times, Donna has gone public with her relationship and you will be able to hear from them both over on the blog section of the website. Together, Donna and David Last, visit various sites of interest and write about them with the hope that they might inspire others. Both are interested in much the same: the history of crime, British history in general, birds of prey, and a whole host of other subjects so there will be plenty of subjects to cover in the future.