Donna's professional criminology and psychology education began as a result of wanting to know why people change--in particular, what causes that switch to flip? In doing so she became particularly interested in the field of human behaviour. Fiercely outspoken, Donna asserts her knowledge and understanding of mental health and domestic abuse through both lived experience and academia. She does so through her writing and also the spoken word.

Although Donna recognises she was once a victim, she identifies as a survivor--a woman who has gained strength through her lived experiences of trauma.

Writing is a passion, a discipline that Donna claims is her best therapy. Her first novel BROKEN shot her to global acclaim when it won a USA award back in 2018. She has six published books to date.

All of Donna's work is available on Amazon. If you are in the UK, you are able to reach them via the images within the site, or you are able to search her name directly on Amazon from any country they represent. If you'd like personalised signed copies of Donna's work (UK only) then you're able to arrange that via her social media links.


Some years ago now, Donna, her father and her youngest daughter send of DNA swabs for ancestry tests. The results were fascinating. All came back with varying percentages of Scandinavian bloodlines (VIKING) and given Donna's surname SIGGERS (yes that is her real one) it was hardly surprising! 

Donna was born in Essex but now lives in Kent with her partner Dave. The pair go on some pretty cool adventures together. They've decided they have walked as far underground in Kent as they have above it so you'll have to wait and see what they'll be sharing with you in due course.


Donna is mum to four amazing children and also to her son-in-law (who's actually been a part of her family since 2011) and grandmother to an amazing little lady. All of Donna's children are grown up and at work having been to university or are at university.  As a single parent for most of their lives they've certainly kept her on her toes over the years. They provide Donna with such joy, inspiration, motivation and support and she couldn't be prouder of everything they have become and are working towards.