Previously, Donna felt unable to speak outright about many aspects of her private life. That was until the publication of SOUL SEARCHING: To PTSD Hell and Back Twice. There are still many factors of her journey that remain silenced--the ones that she cannot back with evidence. Her experiences set in motion the need to discover why people change and if that is a choice.
Finding herself in positions in which there have been reasons to fight for survival, Donna has experienced situations that now find themselves into her novels as well as her autobiographies. Obviously within one she write about true life and in the former she twists the truth into unrecognisable storylines, using experience as inspiration only. This gives her storytelling an edgy psychological aspect with an authenticity that perhaps you might not be expecting.
Donna doesn't recognise herself as a victim but instead a survivor--a woman who has gained strength and knowledge from what she has experienced. 

Writing will always be a part of who Donna is, her words have sparked intrigue through her thrillers, autobiographies and now her blogs. However she chooses to write she receives acclaim--one of her favourite has to be "one of the creepiest stories about a serial killer I have ever read"  which was for her debut novel, BROKEN.

All of Donna's work is available on Amazon. If you are in the UK, you are able to reach them via the images within the site, or you are able to search her name directly on Amazon from any country they represent.



Donna, her father and one of her children took DNA ancestry tests a few years ago. Given the family name and the area in which they come from, there was a good chance of the outcome. It was confirmed that Donna is almost 50% Scandinavian (Viking), something we are all proud of! She is in the process of tracing her family tree and has, on her mother's side retraced their steps all the way back to 1570. There is still a lot of work to do on her father's side to get to that point. 

Donna is pictured, above, with her partner David Last. Regular visitors to the website who enjoy the blog will be familiar with their love of history and the unusual places they visit. Their long standing friends, many of whom are mutual, will know they share an interest in true crime and it is through that interest they first met.  Donna and Dave have a joint project planned for the future which will be announced on this website in due course.

Donna is mum to four amazing children and also to her son-in-law (who's actually been a part of her family since 2011) and grandmother to an amazing little lady. All of Donna's children are grown up and at work having been to university or are at university.  As a single parent for most of their lives they've certainly kept her on her toes over the years. They provide Donna with such joy, inspiration, motivation and support and she couldn't be prouder of everything they have become and are working towards.