Poetry From A Broken Mind And My Journey Of Recovery

BOOK ONE: Getting Your Life Back

Biographical and packed full of raw emotion this short read offers insight into Donna Siggers's recovery from a serious head injury. Taken from her journal, medical records and stories from friends and family Donna shares her emotional turmoil through poetry and her accounts of how she's coped with life-changing events, the challenges she's faced and the RTA she witnessed that enabled her to remember her past. The harsh truth of impact her head injury has had her life and that of her family is shared but Donna also conveys how she's now turning her life around to her benefit.

Poetry And Prose On Emotion
BOOK TWO: Getting Your Life Back

"Masks" portrays Donna Siggers' deepest thoughts on emotion stemming from the process she uses to regain her memory. An assault back in twenty-fourteen resulted in memory loss, PTSD and nerve damage in her brain. Using meditation and free writing Donna turns what she visualises into three things: memories, poetry and gritty crime fiction. This book is an insight into her early life, the fears that encompassed her in her twenties and thirties and the trauma that changed her life forever in her forties. Its also the book that shows there can be a lighter side in times of strife, that darkness is followed by light. That love is more powerful than fear.