Poetry From A Broken Mind And My Journey Of Recovery

BOOK ONE: Getting Your Life Back

Biographical and packed full of raw emotion this short read offers insight into Donna Siggers's recovery from a serious head injury. Taken from her journal, medical records and stories from friends and family Donna shares her emotional turmoil through poetry and her accounts of how she's coped with life-changing events, the challenges she's faced and the RTA she witnessed that enabled her to remember her past. The harsh truth of impact her head injury has had her life and that of her family is shared but Donna also conveys how she's now turning her life around to her benefit


An extract from Chapter One of Lost Soul... "With No Escape"

Trapped in a room with no escape route and being under attack aren’t ideal circumstances to find yourself in. However, it was something I was trained to deal with. I’m unable to share the exact details due to data protection but I can say that I was assaulted and that the focus of attention was my head. Not only was I unlucky enough to receive several punches to the left side of my forehead but the back of my head was also hit against a wall. There was no choice but to manage this situation alone and it was a substantial time before help arrived despite having called for it – by which time I’d regained control of my attacker. So many individual events were condensed into this attack. As my story unfolds and I share my journey you’ll discover the challenges this incident has left me facing, how I discovered how severe the attack was and how I unlocked my memory that had been blocked by it.  

I’m still unsure how I was able to walk away as time quite literally stood still in that room. I’d dissociated (had an outer body experience). In my case this occurred in order to protect me from the fear of death. It disconnected me from my surroundings in order to stop the effect of trauma and to lower the fear and anxiety of the situation. There was a high level of anxiety at the onset of the attack because of the risk I’d been placed in – I cannot give the details. There was no way of escape and the knowledge that help wouldn’t come in time, I truly was convinced that I would die in that room. It took me a long time to come to terms with how that left me feeling emotionally as well as physically. My mind had decided – albeit for a short while – that I wouldn’t survive the ordeal. Situations like this can have a detrimental effect on a person’s mental well-being: it certainly had one on mine.