Donna delivers keynote speeches on how to strive despite the challenges of mental health. Have your audience immersed in her storytelling and then inspired by the simple ways they can help themselves with any life-hurdle they are facing.

To book Donna for your event please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact her, giving as much detail as possible.  She will endeavour to respond within 24hrs.


Having already spoken to one-hundred and forty people, including judges, about her debut novel Donna took to the stage a second time in front of four hundred (which was also live-streamed to over one-million more) to talk about her injury, the reason why she writes and to accept the award for her debut book, Broken. Giving an emotional performance that touched the hearts of the audience sparked the beginning of a new journey into becoming an mental health advocate. Donna addressed this larger audience a third time, giving her winning speech that was beamed around the world.

Experiences such as the Author Academy Awards and the Igniting Souls Conference give opportunities to share the stage with  high-profile names and it was a great honour  for Donna to  shared a stage with:  Kary Oberbrunner (Author, Coach, Speaker); David Branderhorst (Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker); Jeff Brown (Award-winning Broadcast Industry Veteran & Podcaster, Speaker); Dan Miller (NY Times-Bestselling Author & Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker); Rachel Pedersen (Award-Winning Social Media Strategist, Speaker);  Brad Burke (YouTube Business Consultant, Speaker);  Dexter Godfrey (America's Fearless Success Speaker) and Joel Kessel (Strategic Advisor, Executive Coach, Emcee) over the course of three days. 
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