Book Reviews

I'm proud to have the following books in my private collection and to be able to recommend them to you.  I love to read outside of my genre but, as you will see I also research, through books (along with other resources) for my own work.

Truly moving. This anthology has depth, soul and a wonderfully brutal honesty portraying what you’ve faced through life and the capabilities of your inner strength. Beautifully illustrated too, the images telling a story in their own right. Brad, you’ve captivated something incredibly inspirational and special within the pages of Forty One, congratulations!

A Dress The Color of the Sky is one of the hardest yet most beautiful books I've read. Jennifer's compassion for such a difficult subject comes through in abundance as she takes us through Prue's journey of sex addiction -- and guides every reader through her therapy. As her audience widens this novel will enable a greater understanding of the impact of sexual abuse not only to victims but also to those around them  -- I believe you've written an important book here, Jennifer with a powerful message. Congratulations!

Donna Siggers is an author of crime novels who self publishes