Sharing my head injury story via Instagram has become second nature so I've decided its time to expand this and make it an official part of my website. Recent re-wording of an extract from my original recovery journal back in September 2015 (almost four years ago) was well received and I though this might be a great place to begin:

"My head injury has shaken the very existence of who I was and aspired to become. Frustration, anger, grief and pain overcome me still: each day a struggle to function at any level of normality. Independence and spontaneity replaced with symptoms that set limits on my identity and ability. Knock-on effects of the assault have resulted in me becoming what I can only describe as someone different. No longer can I juggle family life, work and study; I have taken a back-seat in life as I watch it occur around me. I need for this to change and today I begin the journey to take back control. Determination, motivation and a genetic stubbornness have kicked in as the fight to regain something of who I once was commences. Memory issues continue to restrict me constantly but I have discovered something that I am hopeful will help. A complex process called a memory palace that is giving me faith in my future. Finally I’ve been blessed with a plan that might actually change what I can only describe as internal turmoil..."

As you can tell I was still angry and grieving. I'd lost my identity and was most definitely not accepting of my circumstances. My focus was on inability rather than ability: on what I had lost not gained. Everything was misaligned. There was also a huge battle commencing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I was embarrassed. Speaking openly during interviews became the opening I needed to begin expressing myself and although publishing LOST SOUL: Poetry From A Broken Mind And My Journey Of Recovery was one of the hardest things I decided to do it has opened up so many opportunities for furthering my mental health advocacy and allowing me to accept who I have become.  Now stepping up and speaking out I am taking to the stage to share my knowledge and insight.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing many aspects of my life with you. In the meantime, if you have any questions please do contact me: support@donnasiggers.com

Look after yourself.