Traumatic Events: Psychological Growth

Without doubt my assault was a traumatic experience. Recovery slow, with many set-backs along the way. Stressful experiences can, however, result in psychological growth. This doesn’t mean any negative effects of the trauma suddenly vanish – in point of fact its important we embrace the significance of them in order to learn – it enables us to establish bonds as we begin to understand how deeply those close to us care. Recently I was reminded of something I’d written almost a year ago – that until you’ve almost lost it all you don’t truly appreciate what you have in life and these words still ring true for me today, as strongly now as when they were first written.

Trauma enabled me. Yes, it disabled me too but that’s never my focus these days. Without trauma I’d not have written my novel, Broken, at this time in my life nor would its sequel, Betrayal be in its final stages of completion. There wouldn’t be any book to movie project, any poetry or the other various projects in which I’ve become involved.  In a world of social media in which I’ve become immersed, I’ve made incredible connections with other authors, writers, and film makers that have become friends. Life as I knew it would have continued as I plodded on non-the-wiser. Yet, here I am more enriched, more fulfilled, and satisfied with how my life is turning out – sometimes it has a strange way of presenting itself.

Trauma and I are no strangers to one another, over the years we’ve been introduced a few times. I’ve learnt to deal with it. With the attitude that what hasn’t killed me has made me stronger, it’s made a strong woman of me. There is a choice in life, live it or crumble and give in. Guess which I choose? The fight in me isn’t over, it never can be. My journey continues as my recovery path takes me to wherever it might lead. What lays around the corner intrigues me beyond belief, and I cannot wait to discover it.