Life Changing Events

#Broken - Donna Siggers - Why I Write

Throughout adulthood I’ve been compelled to write – from somewhere deep within me there’s a need to express myself through words on a page. Over the years I’ve amassed many plots, characters and piles of notebooks full of ideas waiting to be developed. Ideas pour through my fingertips as easily as conversation between friends.

I'd not wish what happened to me on anyone. Being assaulted, unable to escape, despite being trained to the level I had been to restrain a person was horrific. I wasn't your average mental health specialist! I had some fight in me. I was BROKEN. Recovery was long but I'm stable now, thanks to my writing.

Writing, after my head injury, gave me new direction. It enabled me to focus on something other than what had happened to me, giving me new ambition. The result is one that fills me with such pride. Becoming an author has given me a future. It’s stirred a determination in me to make necessary changes to my life. In shifting my goals I’ve attained new heights of achievement, which has had such a positive effect on my recovery.

Not only has it opened doors to some fantastic opportunities, but has enabled me to meet some incredible, talented and inspirational people I'd otherwise not have had the fortune to have come across. Its to those people I owe such gratitude for they have shown me support, understanding and love in a world where it could so easily be different from that. The diversity of the people I've now met through writing, both because I'm an author and because I'm stepping into film, is phenomenal, humbling and all-inspiring. If that's not enough to spur me on, the support I get from those who read my work touches me every single time. Writing will always be a part of the new me!