Weeks have elapsed since my last blog post. Not only has it been a time of recovery from two medical procedures but one in which decisions have been made. Over social media and indeed on my website I’ve been sharing a book cover, a new writing project. AT RISK is a true crime story, it’s one that encompasses what fear has meant to me. “Sofia” takes you on a journey – one that I have lived and one that is far from comfortable. A true test of endurance.

Many of you already know I’ve survived head trauma and that resulting from that I battled PTSD and now live with seizures. Nothing I’ve experienced defines me, it’s built a strong woman out of me who takes on life’s challenges with a smile upon her face. Sharing what I can of the events that led to the decisions of me taking on the job that left me so disabled is going to be a deep journey but one of total closure.

It wasn’t a story I was willing to share, originally but nearing the end of last year I met a remarkable person. He told me that to hide my past was to fear it. Adamant there was no longer fear in my life, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Aaron, thank you for making me take a step back to look at myself and realise what was needed: that writing my story and sharing this part of me would be so healing. Correct in that I no longer feared “him” I discovered my fear was for the reaction of others when they found out what I had experienced. I’m ready to face that reaction now.

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