More often than not the only way to travel through a storm is to walk right on through the middle. When Sofia couldn't tell the difference between the nightmares she was having and the life she was living, she had to do just that! A series of events triggered her leaving "him" but that left a terrified woman facing something far worse than she'd ever imagined possible.

Sofia is AT RISK.

Will you be able to sleep at night?

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"So good to see you getting better and better in every way!"

AtRiskLeavingjpgBelow are a few lines from the beginning of AT RISK: The Colour of Fear to give a little insight into what is to come  © Donna Siggers (2020)

PREFACE - extract   © Donna Siggers (2020)

Remaining suppressed within the psychological torment, verbal anguish and the physical consequences was a life choice, of sorts. More to the point, it was demanded: a matter of duty and obligation for to walk away would cause devastation and embarrassment. Not for her, but for him.

Relationships go wrong. It happens.

City life would, perhaps have made a difference but Sofia doubted it. Jack would have found a way to isolate her wherever they lived. Sofia was easy enough to control in a town, although he much preferred it when they were staying in the countryside – thankfully, that did not happen so often since he started his new job. Making her life look comfortable to those on the outside, Jack always ensured Sofia had everything she might need or want. Their house was large, their vehicles plush and the clothes she wore expensive.

Sofia’s reality was desperate.

Never in her life had she felt so alone or so afraid.