Born in rural Essex, United Kingdom Donna Siggers grew up surrounded by beautiful countryside and some very interesting characters.  Add to that the stories she could share from her time around horses and stable yards she could seriously have chosen a completely different genre. Having experienced a series of life events that exposed her to the harsh reality of survival, Donna set out to learn what it took to take back control of her life.  Qualifying as a psychotherapist she was able to help many others do the same and by 2013 was working within an environment that changed her life in a way that shocked her entire family: an assault at work resulted in a serious head injury, personality change and complexities that are detailed on her mental health page. 

Turning to writing helped Donna heal from her injuries and she is thrilled that her debut novel Broken won an Author Academy Award, gaining recognition that propelled her onto a global stage. Speaking in Columbus, Ohio about her book and her recovery ignited a passion to share her story with the world. Although already qualified in the field of mental health and human behaviour Donna felt that because of her memory loss she needed to re-qualify and has done that during 2019. It’s also been the year she has stepped up to speak openly about her experiences in hope to motivate others. 

Releasing LOST SOUL: Poetry From A Broken Mind And My Journey Of Recovery, her autobiographical and very personal account wasn't a decision taken lightly but was the first step in setting into motion a series of books on how she reclaimed her life – the second book FREE SPIRIT: Breaking Beyond Limitations will be released soon. All of Donna’s books are available on Amazon and can be reached via these two main links: UK / USA.

Donna claims she’s become a better version of herself because of the opportunities she’s created through her work and those she’s met and therefore because of her injury.  She is  mum to four amazing children and also to her son-in-law (who's actually been a part of her family since 2011). The older four are grown up and at work or university and her youngest is at college studying A-levels.  As a single parent for most of their lives they've certainly kept her on her toes over the years. They provide Donna with such joy, inspiration, motivation and support and she couldn't be prouder of everything they have become and are working towards.